all this love for vintage and lo-fi shit and I've never seen a 60hz hum injector

6 pm Wed, Nov 15 2023

I'm regularly seeing this idea that you should archive everything always because 'storage is cheap.'

Guess what, retrieval is really fucking expensive when you've indiscriminately recorded every half-thought and ephemeral piece of communication in fear of missing something

Oh you want to change some power settings? Go ahead and open 'power settings', then navigate to 'additional power settings'.

That opens 'Power options'. From there click 'change settings', which will also open 'power options', where you can click 'advanced power settings', which opens 'power options'

Sometimes I wonder how Coca-Cola feels about the taste of their original formulations being described as 'no flavor'

11 am Wed, Mar 15 2023

To my knowledge, the 'thumbs down' is the only gesture in the American driving lexicon for which there is no counter

10 am Wed, Mar 15 2023

Why isn't there a distributed ledger for consumer reviews yet?

Considering the current state of trust in online reviews, it seems like one of few obvious applications of blockchain

Comfortably biurnal rn

6 pm Mon, Feb 13 2023

The existential horror of AI is not the realization that machines may soon possess some supernatural quality of consciousness

but the realization that we never did

Elastic book covers are unsung heros of the cardboard-and-duct-tape methodology

5 pm Mon, Feb 6 2023

Social media is a telephoto lens, distorting context and isolating the subject.

11 am Mon, Feb 6 2023