You can tell a lot about a person by what they think you can tell a lot about a person by

7 pm Sat, May 4 2024

The answer to any question you can ask about music theory is ultimately "for someone's convenience, and not yours"

7 pm Wed, Apr 24 2024

I've always been a little uneasy with cheeseburgers being referred to as a 'sandwich'

4 pm Thu, Apr 18 2024

the only way out is up

6 pm Sat, Mar 16 2024

"I have troubles today that I did not have yesterday, I had troubles yesterday that I have not today"

Admission to the burning ruins 10ยข

I wish there was a stronger tradition of journalists updating old articles to follow skeezy name changes

It'd be nice if, after knowingly financing terrorist organizations for 17 years, ING didn't get to just rebrand to Voya Financial and hide from searches

Look, I really like two hand tapping

what I think is going on is that *you* are uncomfortable with how fuckin' cool I look

Terrified imagining what my body expects me to be doing with all this fingernail

7 am Wed, Dec 20 2023

I'm going to have to stop picturing every grocery list candidate in it's eventual state in my refrigerator

8 pm Mon, Dec 18 2023

It continually surprises me how much of adulthood is maintaining a false bravado by avoiding situations you're unfamiliar with

8 am Sun, Dec 10 2023