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11 Aug 2018

UB802 Clean & Fix

In addition to looking fresh, my mixer now has some performance upgrades installed on the master section

06 Aug 2018

TRW-17 Subwoofer

This isn't a desk fan, it's an infrasonic transducer used to simulate earthquakes, explosions and rocket launches

21 Jul 2018

One Deeper

There are beers and spiked mates. There are handrolled cigarettes and the smell of burning marijuana. There are unnaturally dialated pupils, and there is dancing.

18 Jul 2018

Building This Site

It might be interesting to take a look at how I built the site itself ...from the perspective of an extreme amateur ...which may prove as useful to some as humerous to others.'

15 Jul 2018

Tools Matter

Why a sufficient computer really is a necessity for digital art

14 Jul 2018

Indiana > Montana

From the top of my new highway embankment I walk 15 yards downhill into no-man's land and am immediately granted the invisibility of being somewhere you are not expected: the unreachable, unfathomable negative space between the roads of the American Highway System. I eat a psychedelic mushroom and drink my last Heineken. I briefly ponder my temporary role as a professional carpooler, then climb back up to offer my services to the intermittant drip of cars going my way. (Part I)

15 Jan 2018


Smoke / Explosion Study, 2018, animation. Blender, After Effects.