2 in, 2 out Double Bypass + pre/post switchable Killswitch

A circuit I'm working on

I want to use two inputs simultaneously. I want an effects send loop that I can bypass, and also mix some dry signal into while engaged. I want another one, fed from the return of the first. I want the wet/dry mix of the second loop to be able to be controlled by an external expression pedal. I want a momentary killswitch, that can kill the signal either after the first loop or after the second. I want to have a main output. I want a secondary output that can either bypass all loops and the killswitch to use as a tuner out, or mirror the main out to send to an interface for recording.

When nothing is plugged into one of the loop returns, the input should pass through that stage unaffected.

While an expression pedal is plugged in, it should serve as a 'wet level' knob; being sent the return of loop B through the tip and returning an effected wet B signal through the ring. this part needs some work in the diagram

-Published 6 pm Tue, Sep 12 2023-