I discovered part of my left hand

...relatively literally

I was working on drumming rudiments, paying a lot of attention to making my hands symmetrical, and discovered that there was this part of my left hand that I just seemed to have never wired up to my brain.

I'm right-handed, which obviously means I'm not left handed, so I expect some 'software' level differences between the two, but the best I can describe this sensation is that it was a 'firmware' thing going on. I spent, honestly, the better part of a day mapping control of my ring and pinky fingers to what felt like a new region of my brain. Loaded drivers for the fingers I forgot to install. I discovered part of my own left hand.

After doing enough of the Kill Bill "wiggle your big toe" stuff, it seems like I've permanently or semi-permanently enabled myself to send the same "instructions" to both hands and get similar results, whereas I was previously adjusting to compensate. It actually feels different too, like I have higher-resolution sensation and proprioception there.

-Published 6 am Wed, Mar 22 2023-